BossConstructor Achievement List

Tutorial completed Tutorial completed
Completed the game mode tutorial.
Fast lane Fast lane
Reach a speed of 2500 km/h.
AutoFac no more AutoFac no more
Kill an automated factory.
Boss unconstructed Boss unconstructed
Kill a boss enemy.
Ore collector Ore collector
Collect 150 ore.
Supply and demand Supply and demand
Collect 2500 credits.
Lower management Lower management
Get a ship with value 2500 in the exploration mode.
Middle management Middle management
Get a ship with value 5000 in the exploration mode.
Upper management Upper management
Get a ship with value 10000 in the exploration mode.
Drop the base Drop the base
Destroy an enemy space station.
Don't bother me Don’t bother me
Destroy a pirate base.
Business practices Business practices
Destroy a module trader.
Asteroid sweeper Asteroid sweeper
Destroy all asteroids in a sector.
Mass deconstruction Mass deconstruction
Survive all boss waves.
We have a problem We have a problem
Complete the “Rescue capsule” mission.
Know yourself Know yourself
Destroy your clone.
Space trucker Space trucker
Complete the “Deliver asteroids” mission.
Darwin award Darwin award
Run an evolution for more than 100 generations.
Good Game! Good Game!
Finish an exploration mode game on any difficulty.
Completionist Completionist
Finish an exploration mode game on normal difficulty.
Core gamer Core gamer
Finish an exploration mode game on hard difficulty.
Pro gamer Pro gamer
Finish an exploration mode game on impossible difficulty.
Galactic hero Galactic hero
Reach a ‘legendary’ standing with any faction.
Associate researcher Associate researcher
Discover 12 module types.
Serious researcher Serious researcher
Discover 24 module types.
Assistant prof Assistant prof
Discover 32 module types.
Tenure track Tenure track
Discover 40 module types.