Boid Achievement List

Venom Venom
Kill Medic only with poison
The Basics The Basics
Win a match using only basic units
Medic Care Medic Care
Capture the last enemy base with a medic
Speedy Win Speedy Win
Win a match on increased speed
Capped Capped
Reach the maximum amount of units
Stay Cool Stay Cool
Freeze 100 units with one spell
Missed Missed
Freeze no units with a spell
Survivor Survivor
Keep a starting unit alive through an entire match
Student Student
Complete the Tutorial mission in the Campaign
Hatchery Hatchery
Produce 20 000 units total
Eliminator Eliminator
Kill 20 000 units
Voyager Voyager
Play a ranked match on 10 different maps
Lucky Streak Lucky Streak
Win 5 ranked matches in a row
Speedrunner Speedrunner
Win a ranked match in less than 100 seconds
Collector Collector
Collect all modules
Killer Robot Killer Robot
Construct SQD-96
Devastator Devastator
Destroy the planet
Alien Exterminator Alien Exterminator
Complete mission 22 in campaign
Quantum Leap Quantum Leap
Teleport 100 units at once
Dead Robot Dead Robot
Get SQD-96 killed
Truck Crash Truck Crash
Get the Cargo Unit destroyed
Hardcore Hardcore
Complete the last mission on extreme difficulty
Boom! Boom!
Damage 30 enemy units with one Bomb
Friendly Explosion Friendly Explosion
Kill 10 of your units with one bomb