Board Defenders Achievement List

First Steps First Steps
Capture 10 enemies
Getting Better Getting Better
Capture 100 enemies
Bring it on! Bring it on!
Capture 500 enemies
The Demolition Man The Demolition Man
Capture 1000 enemies
Double Death Double Death
Lose two pieces at the same time
Young Apprentice Young Apprentice
Complete a level with 3 stars
Yoda's Disciple Yoda’s Disciple
Complete 10 levels with 3 stars
The Divine Kick The Divine Kick
Reach combo x15 with Marie the Queen
Rolling Bob Rolling Bob
Reach combo x12 with Bob and Rob
Tricky Knight Tricky Knight
Reach combo x10 with the Johnes brothers
It's Paul time It’s Paul time
Reach combo x11 with Paul and Paulo
Queen's will Queen’s will
Reach wave 8 in “Marie the Queen” challenge
Bob's Rules Bob’s Rules
Reach wave 8 in “Bob & Rob” challenge
Paul's Revenge Paul’s Revenge
Reach wave 8 in “Paul & Paulo” challenge
Holy Knights Holy Knights
Reach wave 8 in “Johnes brothers” challenge
Forest Walk Forest Walk
Complete all Forest levels
Town Chief Town Chief
Complete all Playville levels
Tree keeper Tree keeper
Complete all Magic Tree levels
Forest Master Forest Master
Complete all Forest levels with 3 stars
City Mayor City Mayor
Complete all Playville levels with 3 stars
Tree Mage Tree Mage
Complete all Magic Tree levels with 3 stars