Blueprint Tycoon Achievement List

Building Basics Building Basics
Complete the Building Basics Scenario
Crafting Blueprints Crafting Blueprints
Complete the Crafting Blueprints Scenario
Makin' Money Makin’ Money
Complete the Makin’ Money Scenario
Jeweler Jeweler
Complete the Jeweler Scenario
Best Employer Best Employer
Complete the Best Employer Scenario
Robot Supplier Robot Supplier
Complete the Robot Supplier Scenario
Community! Community!
Play a Workshop Scenario
Mysterious Coins Mysterious Coins
Craft 100 Tokens
Time flies! Time flies!
Play for 1000 Days
Mass Market Mass Market
Sell 2000 Goods
High speed transports High speed transports
Build 10 Airships
Roaming the Seas Roaming the Seas
Build 5 Ships
Recycling Recycling
Dispose of 300 Waste
Supply Chain Master! Supply Chain Master!
Craft 10.000 Goods
Massive Enterprise Massive Enterprise
Hire 500 Workers
No longer a small business No longer a small business
Hire 100 Workers in one Scenario
Trader Trader
Set up a Ship Trading Route
Flying High Flying High
Have 5 Airships with routes at once
Gradual Improvement Gradual Improvement
Research Tier 2
Efficient Technology Efficient Technology
Research Tier 3
Super Futuristic Tech! Super Futuristic Tech!
Research Tier 4
Value from the skies! Value from the skies!
Grab Black Token in a Supply Drop
Maximizing Efficiency Maximizing Efficiency
Build a New Blueprint
Blueprints with Lasers! Blueprints with Lasers!
Create a Blueprint that uses the Laser
Better, Faster, Stronger Better, Faster, Stronger
Hire an Engineer
Highly Efficient Highly Efficient
Hire an Expert
Very Sciency Very Sciency
Craft Science Equipment
Quarter Pounder with Cheese Quarter Pounder with Cheese
Craft Royale With Cheese
Future Overlord Future Overlord
Craft Robot
Electon Highway Electon Highway
Craft Microchip
Look behind the curtain Look behind the curtain
Open the Scenario Editor
Complex and efficient Complex and efficient
Setup 20 Worker Routes in one Scenario
Now that's gourmet! Now that’s gourmet!
Craft Luxury Meal
Environmentally Friendly Environmentally Friendly
Build a Waste Disposal
Gotta go fast! Gotta go fast!
Upgrade an Airship to Tier 2
Long distance cruiser Long distance cruiser
Upgrade a Ship to Tier 3
Faster, Stronger Faster, Stronger
Upgrade Worker Route to Tier 2
Superhuman strength and speed Superhuman strength and speed
Upgrade Worker Route to Tier 3
Fast Expansion Fast Expansion
Colonize 5 Islands
Exploit all the land! Exploit all the land!
Colonize all Islands in Best Employer Scenario
Keeping the Workers fed Keeping the Workers fed
Upgrade Marketplace to Tier 4
More sales = More profit! More sales = More profit!
Upgrade Delivery to Tier 3
Share the load Share the load
Build 2 Marketplaces in one Scenario