Blue Rider Achievement List

First Oil First Oil
Destroy Bullygun in Stage One
Boss B Destroyed Boss B Destroyed
Destroy Spider in Stage Two
Boss C Destroyed Boss C Destroyed
Destroy Scorpion in Stage Three
Boss D Destroyed Boss D Destroyed
Destroy Worms in Stage Four
Boss E Destroyed Boss E Destroyed
Destroy Octupus in Stage Five
Boss F Destroyed Boss F Destroyed
Destroy Totem in Stage Six
Boss G Destroyed Boss G Destroyed
Destroy Train in Stage Seven
Boss H Destroyed Boss H Destroyed
Destroy Flyer in Stage Eight
Final Boss Destroyed Final Boss Destroyed
Destroy Final Boss in Stage Nine
Veteran Rider Veteran Rider
Finish the game from the beginning
Master Rider Master Rider
Finish the game with only one life
Red Bullets Red Bullets
Finish the game using only the red shot
Blue Bullets Blue Bullets
Finish the game using only the blue shot
No Missiles No Missiles
Finish the game without using missiles
All the relics All the relics
Find all the relics of the game
Relics Hunter Relics Hunter
Find all the relics in a single game
Hidden Power Hidden Power
Find all the Hidden Treasures of the game
Skirmisher Skirmisher
Destroy all the enemies in a single game
Good Score Good Score
You have reached 100000 points
High Score High Score
You have reached 175000 points
Master Score Master Score
You have reached 250000 points
Nice Move Nice Move
Keep untouched for one entire level
Keep Dancing Keep Dancing
Keep untouched for two entire levels
You Rock! You Rock!
Keep untouched for three entire levels
Go Fast Go Fast
Finish the entire game in less than 90 minutes
Fast and Faster Fast and Faster
Finish the entire game in less than 60 minutes
Like a Bullet Like a Bullet
Finish the entire game in less than 30 minutes
Killing Spree Killing Spree
Achive a Rampage x10
Fly High Fly High
Ride 1000 Km over the abyss or lava
Oops! Oops!
Destroy 10 enemies using mines
Watch out! Watch out!
Destroy 25 enemies using mines
Dangerous Path Dangerous Path
Destroy 50 enemies using mines