Blue Libra Achievement List

Numbers is the key Numbers is the key
Build 1000+ units during the course of one battle
Fight against the swarm Fight against the swarm
Destroy a total of 10,000 fighters
Quick victory Quick victory
Win the game with at least 2 planets remaining neutral at the game’s end
Destroyer of hope Destroyer of hope
Destroy a total of 100 capital ships
I play this game too much I play this game too much
Complete single payer campaign on hard difficulty level
We're safe from Garians We’re safe from Garians
Complete single player campaign on any difficulty
I don't leave anything unfinished I don’t leave anything unfinished
Complete single player campaign finishing also optional missions
Close call Close call
Win any single player game with Libra’s health less than 100 points
Mighty fleet Mighty fleet
Control at one time 6 or more battleships and/or dreadnoughts while your enemy controls no less than 5 planets