Bloody Trapland Achievement List

Kitty can fly! Kitty can fly!
Performed a mid-air jump.
The cake is a Lie! The cake is a Lie!
Free-fell through portals.
Token of Dedication! Token of Dedication!
Finished Adventure mode and collected all the stars in Race mode.
So it begins! So it begins!
Completed world 1 in Adventure mode.
After rain comes sunshine! After rain comes sunshine!
Completed world 2 in Adventure mode.
Easy wasn't it? Easy wasn’t it?
Completed world 3 in Adventure mode.
Icy wasn't it? Icy wasn’t it?
Completed world 4 in Adventure mode.
From one Hell to another. From one Hell to another.
Completed world 5 in Adventure mode.
Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame.
Finished the Adventure mode.
The more the bloody-ier! The more the bloody-ier!
Played a game with other players.
The perfect Springboard! The perfect Springboard!
Performed a springboard jump using another player.
Goldstar! Goldstar!
Collected a goldstar.
Cattrick! Cattrick!
Collected 3 goldstars.
Classy! Classy!
Collected 10 goldstars.
Stars, Stars, Stars! Stars, Stars, Stars!
Collected 25 goldstars.
Just a few more! Just a few more!
Collect 50 goldstars.
The Collector. The Collector.
Collected all the goldstars.
Foul play! Foul play!
Found a secret level.
For a good cause. For a good cause.
Found a secret level.
A risk worth taking. A risk worth taking.
Found a secret level.
The forgotten path. The forgotten path.
Found a secret level.
Just a bit higher! Just a bit higher!
Found a secret level.
You had one job! You had one job!
Found a secret level.
What secrets? What secrets?
Find all secret levels.
Fast as a cat! Fast as a cat!
Took first place in a race.
Show off! Show off!
Finished 1st in 5 race levels.
Cat Bolt Cat Bolt
Finished 1st in 20 race levels.
First blood! First blood!
Won 1 game of deathmatch.
Serial killer. Serial killer.
Won 5 games of deathmatch.