BloodLust Shadowhunter Achievement List

Fledgling No Longer Fledgling No Longer
Reach Bloodline Level 5
Going Deep Going Deep
Reach Sub-Floor 10 in Any Dungeon
Hunter's Apprentice Hunter’s Apprentice
Player Killed 20 Enemies
Skilled Thief Skilled Thief
Successfully Pick 10 Locks
First Blood First Blood
Sire your first Family member
Skilled Vampire Skilled Vampire
Reach Bloodline 10
Full Family Full Family
Sire 4 into your Family
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Carry $500
Lust for Greed Lust for Greed
Carry $1000
Exterminator Exterminator
Destroy 500 Monsters
Destroyer Destroyer
Destroy 1000 Monsters
Blood Ninja Blood Ninja
Successfully Backstab 10 Enemies
Bloodline 25 Bloodline 25
Reach Bloodline Level 25
Bloodline 50 Bloodline 50
Reach Bloodline Level 50
Bloodline 75 Bloodline 75
Reach Bloodline Level 75
Bloodline 100 Bloodline 100
Reach Bloodline Level 100
Sub Floor 20 Sub Floor 20
Reach Sub Floor 20 in any Dungeon
Sub Floor 40 Sub Floor 40
Reach Sub Floor 40 in any Dungeon
Sub Floor 60 Sub Floor 60
Reach Sub Floor 60 in any Dungeon
Sub Floor 80 Sub Floor 80
Reach Sub Floor 80 in any Dungeon
Sub Floor 100 Sub Floor 100
Reach Sub Floor 100 in any Dungeon
Underground Dweller Underground Dweller
Reach Sub Floor 200 in any Dungeon
Collector Collector
Find all of the Blood Fragments
Lust For Power Lust For Power
Become the New Emperor
Destroy the Darkness Destroy the Darkness
Destroy the Emperor