Blood of Magic Achievement List

Welcome to Auguston Welcome to Auguston
You’ve arrived at Auguston
Keeping a Cool Head Keeping a Cool Head
Defeat and retrieve Jericho Ironblood’s severed head
It Was a Good Brawl It Was a Good Brawl
Defeat and retrieve Brawl Deathspike’s severed head
Just a Grolt Just a Grolt
Defeat and retrieve Grolt Stonetooth’s severed head
Upper Classman Upper Classman
Defeat Arcanist Phineas
A Second Death A Second Death
Defeat Lord Ma’lik
Religious Freedom Religious Freedom
Solve the mystery of the Ancient Obrodian Shrine
Selective Service Selective Service
Recruit a Militia
No Boy Scout No Boy Scout
Recruit a Scout
Timber! Timber!
Recruit a Lumberjack
Mix Master Mix Master
Recruit an Alchemist
Hammer and Anvil Hammer and Anvil
Recruit a Forge Apprentice
Adventure Time! Adventure Time!
Recruit an Adventurer
That's My Jam! That’s My Jam!
Recruit a Bard
Nothing is Speared Nothing is Speared
Recruit a Spearman
The Easy Shot The Easy Shot
Recruit a Crossbowman
Enchantment! Enchantment!
Recruit an Enchanter
Outsourcing War Outsourcing War
Recruit a Mercenary
Paid Loyalty Paid Loyalty
Recruit a Rogue
Alchemistry Lab 101 Alchemistry Lab 101
Build an Alchemy Lab
Alchemistry Lab 201 Alchemistry Lab 201
Upgrade your Alchemy Lab
Forged Iron Forged Iron
Build a Blacksmith
Forged Steel Forged Steel
Upgrade your Blacksmith
Boot Camp Boot Camp
Build a Barracks
Military Training Military Training
Upgrade your Barracks
Food for Thought Food for Thought
Build a Windmill
Big Business Big Business
Upgrade your Market
Roll Credits Roll Credits
Beat the Game
Don't Lose Your Head Don’t Lose Your Head
Complete “Taking Back Our Streets!”
The Root Of The Problem The Root Of The Problem
Complete “Pulling Teeth!”
Getting An Earful Getting An Earful
Complete “The Green Menace!”
Sixteen Minus Thirteen Equals Tree Sixteen Minus Thirteen Equals Tree
Complete “Lumbernapped”
A Burning Rage A Burning Rage
Complete “Burn the Tents”
A Darker Reality A Darker Reality
Complete “Brothel”
Going on Strike Going on Strike
Complete “On the Rocks”
An Honorable Death An Honorable Death
Complete “My Son, the Hero”
Caught Caught “Green” Handed
Complete “Little Green Thieves”
Not Worth the Coin Not Worth the Coin
Complete “Broken Shield”
Magic Poop Magic Poop
Complete “A Dirty Experiment”
It was a Dud... It was a Dud…
Complete “Flammable Material”
Rock Hound Rock Hound
Complete “Rock Collection”