Blood Alloy: Reborn Achievement List

Trained and ready Trained and ready
Complete the tutorial
Robo hunter Robo hunter
Kill one of each enemy
Mercenary scientist Mercenary scientist
Complete 10 bounties
Boom Boom
Destroy 100 explosive barrels
Aggression Aggression
Maintain a 10x combo multiplier for 1 minute
Furious style Furious style
Maintain a 2.5x style multiplier for 30 seconds
Emancipator Emancipator
Destroy the gunship
Musician Musician
Unlock the complete soundtrack
Black Thumb Black Thumb
Unlock all equipment upgrades
Hypersonic Marathon Hypersonic Marathon
Blast 26.2 miles
Destroyer Destroyer
Kill two gunships in a single run
Righteous blur Righteous blur
Maintain max multipliers for 30 seconds