Blinding Dark Achievement List

First Steps First Steps
Confused and still shacking you begin exploring.
First Journal Entry First Journal Entry
The story begins…
Act I Story Complete Act I Story Complete
Unlocked all 20 journal entries
ACT I Completed ACT I Completed
Play through ACT I
Death... Death…
Can wait
Defeated your first foe Defeated your first foe
Your enemy lies broken and lifeless.
Ruthless Survivor Ruthless Survivor
Defeated 20 enemies
May It Be Light May It Be Light
Collected the Torch Carrier
Portal Key Portal Key
Collected the Scrying Crystal
Some Fire Power Some Fire Power
Collected the Blessed Revolver
Butcher's Favourite Butcher’s Favourite
Collected the Ritualistic Axe
Spirit Catcher Spirit Catcher
Collected the Egyptian Trap
Extra Defense Extra Defense
Collected the Svalinn Skjoldur
Serious Fire Power Serious Fire Power
Collected the Ardens Ira
The Doppelganger The Doppelganger
Your twin… evil twin
Mana Addict Mana Addict
Collected at least 50 mana
Halfway There Halfway There
Collected at least 333 Souls
Soul Shard Soul Shard
Collected the Soul Shard