Blackwell Convergence Achievement List

Soft Touch Soft Touch
Give Allen some hope before he goes
Lush Life Lush Life
Have a few drinks, but you might regret it in the morning
Sober Solidarity Sober Solidarity
Keep a clear head, but others might think less of you
Cat Trick Cat Trick
Distract the cat only once
Leading Lady Leading Lady
While holding Frank’s script, get though a performance without flubbing a single line
Art Medium Art Medium
Convince Frank that you are an artist on your first try
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman
Defeat the Countess with one throw of an improvised lasso
Solo Solo
Finish the game without asking Joey for a single hint
Reluctant Savior Reluctant Savior
Save Charlie Meltzer’s life
Medium Well Done Medium Well Done
Finish the game at least once
Convergence Commentary Convergence Commentary
Finish the game in commentary mode, from the opening menu till the end
Secret Finder Secret Finder
Find the secret extras menu