Blacksea Odyssey Achievement List

Brutality Brutality
Unlock by ripping off 100 enemy weak points.
Mercury Mercury
Unlock by beating the game in 60 minutes.
Gungnir Gungnir
Unlock by completing the game.
Basilisk Basilisk
Unlock by equipping three poison spear runes at once.
Huntress Spear Huntress Spear
Unlock by collecting a bounty without taking damage.
Rade Lawson Rade Lawson
Unlock by killing Charybdis
Infernal Infernal
Unlock by equipping three fire spear runes at once.
Frost Frost
Unlock by equipping three ice spear runes at once.
Oblivion Oblivion
Unlock by killing every boss in the game.
Thunderbolt Thunderbolt
Unlock by equipping three lighting spear runes.
Emerald Jones Emerald Jones
Unlock by killing Leviathan.
Xezemoth Xezemoth
Unlock by killing Cthulhu.
Key Spear Key Spear
Unlocked by opening up 500 chests.
Brute Brute
Unlock by killing an enchanted boss.
Dualshot Dualshot
Unlock by having 20 items at once.
Blood Thirster Blood Thirster
Unlock by beating Elite Mode.
Judgement Judgement
Unlocked by completing the Bestiary.
Lucidity Lucidity
Unlock by clearing all enemy zones in a level.
Elite Mode Elite Mode
Unlock by beating the game with a score of 500,000 or greater.