Blacklight: Retribution Achievement List

Pickup Gamer Pickup Gamer
Play 1 public match
Welcome to Blacklight Welcome to Blacklight
Complete the training level
Killing Spree Killing Spree
10 Kills
Death Dealer Death Dealer
100 Kills
Walking Dead Man Walking Dead Man
1000 Kills
Joe Frazier the Hell Raiser Joe Frazier the Hell Raiser
50 Melee Attempts
Boom! Headshot! Boom! Headshot!
10 Headshot with a hardsuit
Lost their minds Lost their minds
100 Headshots
You seem to have dropped this... You seem to have dropped this…
1 Enemy Equipment Destroyed
Cleaning Crew Cleaning Crew
10 Enemy Equipments Destroyed
Sapper Sapper
1 Enemy Turret Destroyed
Are you still there...? Are you still there…?
10 Enemy Turrets Destroyed
Fixer-Upper Fixer-Upper
1 Barricade Repaired
Holding the Line Holding the Line
1 Turret Repaired
Juicer Juicer
10 Heals
Mechanic Mechanic
1 Hardsuit Repaired
Field Medic Field Medic
100 Heals
Dr. Feel Good Dr. Feel Good
1000 Heals
Welcome Back! Welcome Back!
1 Revive
Miracle Max Miracle Max
10 Revives
Necromancer Necromancer
100 Revives
Weekend Warrior Weekend Warrior
10 Kills in a hardsuit
Mechanized Warrior Mechanized Warrior
100 Kills in a hardsuit
Weapon of Mass Destruction Weapon of Mass Destruction
1000 Kills in a Hardsuit