Blackfaun Achievement List

Mummified Mummified
Defeat 200 enemies
Sibling Rivalry Sibling Rivalry
Complete the game on any difficulty with Eri
Fancy, fancy! Fancy, fancy!
Defeat 30 Succubi in the Court of Thorns
Fevered Dreams Fevered Dreams
Defeat 100 Dreamsnatchers in the Lyrewood Vale
A token for your trouble A token for your trouble
Die for the first time
The Primal Flame The Primal Flame
Use 150 candles
Air Burster Air Burster
Use your Mana Burst on 50 enemies
New haircut New haircut
Defeat Censha, the Red Spear for the first time
Minotaur Guidebook Minotaur Guidebook
Defeat Ugark, the Thunderous Hoof 5 times
Cult of the Relic Cult of the Relic
Defeat the Relic Guardian 4 times
Samurai showed-down Samurai showed-down
Defeat Mosh, the Crackling Blade 3 times
Butterfly Catcher Butterfly Catcher
Defeat Elora, Vileweed Monarch in the Lyrewood Vale for the first time
Dances with Lyrewolves Dances with Lyrewolves
Defeat Braald, the Wolflord 5 times
Hocus Pocus Hocus Pocus
Complete the Lyrewood Vale without taking magic damage
iDarkness iDarkness
Defeat 100 enemies with your familiar
Kinetic Kinetic
Achieve a movespeed stat of 100 or greater
Here comes the bloom Here comes the bloom
Defeat 50 Glinteye Rogues in the Temple Depths
Exorcist Exorcist
Defeat 80 Wraiths in the Duskhaven Sanctuary
Pacifist Pacifist
Complete a level without attacking
Bring it on! Bring it on!
Defeat 250 champion monsters
Daire's Legacy Daire’s Legacy
Collect 15 talismans
Inun's favor Inun’s favor
Collect 1000 wisps
Leaden Legs Leaden Legs
Defeat 50 enemies in the Temple Depths while slowed by an Ickwater Mystic
Hydra Extinguisher Hydra Extinguisher
Destroy 20 turrets in a single Stonebeak, Hydra Baron boss battle
Scion of Midas Scion of Midas
Collect 100 or more gold in a single level
Left-hand path Left-hand path
Complete the game without buying anything from the merchant on normal or higher difficulty
Burst Master Burst Master
Use your Mana Burst to successfully exploit all 16 boss’s weaknesses
Blazing trail Blazing trail
Sprint for a total of 40 seconds
Tame the wind Tame the wind
Defeat Moonfeather, the Last Hippogryph 20 times
Champion of Inun Champion of Inun
Complete the game 30 times on normal or higher difficulty
Hearing Aid Hearing Aid
Achieve a shot size stat of 200 or greater
Bloodlust Bloodlust
Defeat 200 enemies that are affected by frenzy
Glutton for punishment Glutton for punishment
Lose 3000 or more health in a single playthrough
Sacred game Sacred game
Complete Duskhaven Sanctuary without defeating any spirit elks
Silks of the Conquered Silks of the Conquered
Reduce any stat to -100 or less
Where we're going, we don't need loot Where we’re going, we don’t need loot
Complete the game on normal or higher difficulty without equipping a flawless or fabled item
I've been here before I’ve been here before
Discover 150 secret rooms
The dark side? The dark side?
Complete the game as Pan on Hard difficulty
I make my own luck I make my own luck
Equip 100 fabled items
Limbo master Limbo master
Candle-dodge 8 lasers in a single Mosh, the Crackling Blade boss battle
Humble Benefactor Humble Benefactor
Buy 50 items from the merchant
Faster than time Faster than time
Defeat Aleog, Rider of Wonder without taking damage
Presto-Chango! Presto-Chango!
Defeat 10000 enemies
Cardinal quest Cardinal quest
Complete Duskhaven Sanctuary in under 12 minutes
Nightfall Nightfall
Defeat Eri on normal or higher difficulty without taking damage
Raging-good-at-this-game Raging-good-at-this-game
Complete the game on normal or higher difficulty with 3/5 equipment slots used
Can't stop this Chain Can’t stop this Chain
Defeat 200 enemies in a row without taking red health damage
That wasn't pretty That wasn’t pretty
Achieve a hit that deals 2500 damage or more
1337 SN1P3R 1337 SN1P3R
Achieve a shot range stat of 450 or greater
Marksfaun Marksfaun
Finish the game on normal or higher dificulty with an accuracy of 80% or greater