Black Hole Hazard Achievement List

Just Getting Started Just Getting Started
Clear the Tutorial.
Space Debris Space Debris
Find the first log file.
Space Cleaner Space Cleaner
Collect every log file.
Reloading Reloading
Find the first laser gun battery.
Big and Furious Magazine Big and Furious Magazine
Get 10 laser gun batteries.
300 : Rise Of Albert 300 : Rise Of Albert
Die 300 times.
Arachnophobia Arachnophobia
Destroy 100 spiders.
Blood Diamond Blood Diamond
Destroy 100 red diamonds.
Planet of the AIs Planet of the AIs
Get the bad ending in normal mode.
Back to the Laboratory Back to the Laboratory
Get the good ending in normal mode.
Mission: Impossible Mission: Impossible
Get the good ending in hard mode.
Gone With The Gravity Gone With The Gravity
Get out of here.
Survival Rookie Survival Rookie
Reach 500 points in survival mode.
Survival  Amateur Survival Amateur
Reach 2000 points in survival mode.
Survival  Expert Survival Expert
Reach 5000 points in survival mode.