Bitardia Achievement List

The Right Way The Right Way
Pick Anon Mask
Point of no return Point of no return
Pick Cancer Mask
Modern Hero Modern Hero
Kill Cancer on the first mission
You're no /b/rother to me You’re no /b/rother to me
Kill anons on the first mission
Generation ABU Generation ABU
Kill anons on the first mission
I am a legal alien I am a legal alien
Kill cancer on the first mission
Builder Builder
Take the builder quest
Guard Guard
Take the guard quest
An exploding sucess An exploding sucess
Explode the building
Speechmeister Speechmeister
Get to jail after talking to police
Straight outta Bitardia Straight outta Bitardia
Get to jail after showing the video
Direct hit Direct hit
Get to jail after entering the police station
Solid Snake Solid Snake
Get to jail while taking the camera
Loser Loser
You didn’t accept the note-finding mission
I love it! I love it!
You have finished the note-finding mission
Lookie, who we have here! Lookie, who we have here!
Finish the “Fifth Column” quest
Caravan robba Caravan robba
Rob the caravan
Get arrested for spoiling the stand
Forbidden love Forbidden love
Finish the “QT 3.14” quest
Shut Up And Take My Money! Shut Up And Take My Money!
Buy a pillow for anon
Get some cash on arena
Professional Professional
More than 100 killed on arena
The Shawshank redemption The Shawshank redemption
Break out of prison
Good times, huh? Good times, huh?
Served a term in prison
Liberator Liberator
Rescue the hostage
 I hate these people I hate these people
Finish the “Hotline Bitardia” quest
Sharper Sharper
Beat anon in cards
Victim of the regime Victim of the regime
To die, refusing to work on the Abu
Recruitment Recruitment
Agree to work on Abu
Spooky Scary /B/itards Spooky Scary /B/itards
Finish a halloween-quests
Jon Snow Jon Snow
Finish the “Winter is coming” quest
Hidden Achievement
Happy New Year! Happy New Year!
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Paranoia Paranoia
Finish the “Missing part” quest
Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune
Finish the “Fifth wheel” quest