Beyond Reality Achievement List

A Rare Defeat A Rare Defeat
Defeat 4 Rare Monsters
Boss of All Boss of All
Defeat 8 Bosses
The Bigger They Are... The Bigger They Are…
Defeat the Iceshackle Cyclops
They Came From Beyond They Came From Beyond
Defeat the Ancient Demon
Much Obliged Much Obliged
Make an Offering
Things that go Boom Things that go Boom
Survive an Explosion
The Red Menace The Red Menace
Defeat the Fire Pixie
Lord of All Lord of All
Defeat the Lord of the Winds
Honour Your Dead Honour Your Dead
Defeat the Final Boss on Expert Difficulty
Frozen Solid Frozen Solid
Defeat the Ice Pixie
No Knockouts No Knockouts
Defeat the Final Boss Without KOs
Perfect 10 Perfect 10
Reach Level 10 With All Possible Party Members
Money, Money Money, Money
Complete the Chronicle
It's Not Vegetarian... It’s Not Vegetarian…
Defeat the Man-Eating Plant
You've Become Strong You’ve Become Strong
Defeat the Final Boss on Hard Difficulty
Slithering Around Slithering Around
Defeat the Desert Snake
Out of this World Out of this World
Defeat the Final Boss
Stop, Thief! Stop, Thief!
Defeat the Expert Thief
Bow, Wow, Wow Bow, Wow, Wow
Defeat the Three-Headed Wolf
Legendary Trio Legendary Trio
Obtain the Three Legendary Weapons
A Rare Beast A Rare Beast
Defeat the Unicorn
United United
Reunite the Group
A Howl in the Forest A Howl in the Forest
Defeat the Wirewolf
Breath of Fire Breath of Fire
Defeat the Wyvern