Beyond Flesh and Blood Episode 1 Achievement List

No guts, no glory! No guts, no glory!
Sync kill 50 enemies
Welcome to Earth! Welcome to Earth!
Kill 30 Screechers
Keeping an eye on the sky Keeping an eye on the sky
Kill 10 Shrieker Swarms
Air Supremacy Air Supremacy
Kill 10 Adult Shriekers
30 Kills: Shotgun 30 Kills: Shotgun
Kill 30 enemies with the Shotgun
30 Kills: Assault Rifle 30 Kills: Assault Rifle
Kill 30 enemies with the Assault Rifle
30 Kills: Sniper Rifle 30 Kills: Sniper Rifle
Kill 30 enemies with the Sniper Rifle
30 Kills: Minigun 30 Kills: Minigun
Kill 30 enemies with the Minigun
Popping Melons, Twisting Melons Popping Melons, Twisting Melons
30 headshots with Sniper Rifle
All boxed off All boxed off
Kill 4 enemies at once by throwing a box
Big ba-da-boom Big ba-da-boom
Kill 6 enemies at once by throwing an exploding barrel
Stick around Stick around
Impale 5 enemies at once by throwing a pole
First-degree Arsonist First-degree Arsonist
Set 4 enemies on fire at once with a molotov cocktail
Snuffing out the candles Snuffing out the candles
Kill 4 enemies in a row that are on fire
Dropping the bomb Dropping the bomb
Kill 4 enemies at once in a drone explosion
Mechanised slaughter Mechanised slaughter
Kill 30 enemies whilst piloting Manned Mechs
Data Logs: 25% collected Data Logs: 25% collected
Find 25% of all data logs
Data Logs: 50% collected Data Logs: 50% collected
Find 50% of all data logs
Act 1 complete Act 1 complete
Complete Act 1 on any difficulty
Act 2 complete Act 2 complete
Complete Act 2 on any difficulty
Act 3 complete Act 3 complete
Complete Act 3 on any difficulty
Act 4 complete Act 4 complete
Complete Act 4 on any difficulty
Act 5 complete Act 5 complete
Complete Act 5 on any difficulty
All Acts completed All Acts completed
Complete All Acts on any difficulty
Can't stop the signal Can’t stop the signal
Call in and raise your 1st signal tower
Targets Eliminated Targets Eliminated
Using missiles lock on to 6 separate targets and eliminate them
I ain't got time to bleed I ain’t got time to bleed
Complete 5 waves in a row without dying
Bullet berserker Bullet berserker
Dismember 30 enemies during overkill cams
Cyber defender Cyber defender
Choose to save / defend the pinned-down UGR squad
Stamping out rebellion Stamping out rebellion
Kill 5 enemies at once with a ground pound
Manchester's reckoning! Manchester’s reckoning!
Finish the game on any difficulty
Data logs: 100% collected Data logs: 100% collected
Find all data logs
Professional Combat Pilot Professional Combat Pilot
Complete 50% of chapters at grade S
Last Combat Frame standing Last Combat Frame standing
Complete a Wave Survival map
Flat as a pancake Flat as a pancake
Drop a cargo container in the container yard to kill 3 enemies at once
Combo Master Combo Master
Reach a combo multiplier of x20
Pick on someone your own size! Pick on someone your own size!
Defeat the Nemesis Titan
Time to die Time to die
Kill 6 enemies during 1 slow mo burst
Feet didn't touch the ground Feet didn’t touch the ground
Ground pound and kill 3 enemies before they hit the ground
Float like a butterfly… Float like a butterfly…
Kill a rebel mech with a ground pound
I am legend I am legend
Finish the game on highest difficulty
Elite Combat Pilot Elite Combat Pilot
Complete 100% of chapters at grade S
You want a war… You want a war…
Completed a Wave Survival map without continuing