Betrayer Achievement List

Who Am I? Who Am I?
Discover the name of the Maiden in Red
Weapon Collector Weapon Collector
Acquire all unique weapons
Exorcist Exorcist
Free all of the lost souls
Collector Collector
Find all treasure chests
Chronicler Chronicler
Find all graves
Investigator Investigator
Find all clues
Documenter Documenter
Find all page scraps
Hunter Hunter
Kill 3 Thieves
Antagonist Antagonist
Kill 1000 enemies
Assassin Assassin
Stealth-kill 200 enemies
Artisan Artisan
Kill 100 enemies with tomahawks
Seeker Seeker
Find all of the lost souls
Pathfinder Pathfinder
Unlock all destinations
Backstabber Backstabber
Stealth-kill 20 enemies with melee attacks
Severed Bindings Severed Bindings
Free six lost souls
Hidden Treasures Hidden Treasures
Find 40 treasures chests
Resting Places Resting Places
Find 15 graves
Material Evidence Material Evidence
Find 25 clues
Scattered Pages Scattered Pages
Find 20 page scraps
Lost Souls Lost Souls
Find 6 lost souls
Places of Interest Places of Interest
Unlock 10 destinations