Ben and Ed Achievement List

Pro Gamer Pro Gamer
Finish the tutorial.
Unharmed Unharmed
Reach a checkpoint in one piece.
Red Nose Red Nose
Beat Hans’ first masterpiece.
Unstoppable Unstoppable
Beat Hans’ second masterpiece.
Candymeat Fan Candymeat Fan
Collect 20% of all Candymeat.
Candymeat Lover Candymeat Lover
Collect 50% of all Candymeat.
Candymeat Addict Candymeat Addict
Collect 100% of all Candymeat.
Free TV Free TV
Beat 5 levels unharmed.
Paid TV Paid TV
Beat 12 levels unharmed.
Blockbuster Blockbuster
Reach all checkpoints unharmed.
Chicken Nugget Chicken Nugget
Kill 20 chickens.
Chicken Farmer Chicken Farmer
Kill 50 chickens.
Chicken Slaughter Chicken Slaughter
Kill 100 chickens.
Praise Hans! Praise Hans!
Beat Hans.
Hidden Achievement
You fool! You fool!
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
The show must go on! The show must go on!
Finish the game.
Entertainer Entertainer
Impress 200 viewers.
They love you They love you
Impress 700 viewers.
Hans is impressed! Hans is impressed!
Impress 1100 viewers.