Bell Ringer Achievement List

Squire Squire
Win an online multiplayer match
Apprentice Apprentice
Win 10 online multiplayer matches
Fighter Fighter
Win 50 online multiplayer matches
Warrior Warrior
Win 100 online multiplayer matches
Alexander the Adventurer Alexander the Adventurer
Play Alexander for an hour
Lucia the Fireborn Lucia the Fireborn
Play Lucia for an hour
Elvira the Scythe Witch Apprentice Elvira the Scythe Witch Apprentice
Play Elvira for an hour
Gallows the Cursed Gallows the Cursed
Play Gallows for an hour
Magnus the Frost Barbarian Magnus the Frost Barbarian
Play Magnus for an hour
Champion Champion
Win 150 online multiplayer matches
Master Master
Win 250 online multiplayer matches
Legend Legend
Win 500 online multiplayer matches
Easy Campaign Easy Campaign
Complete campaign on easy difficulty
Medium Campaign Medium Campaign
Complete campaign on medium difficulty
Hard Campaign Hard Campaign
Complete campaign on hard difficulty