Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians Achievement List

Gatherer Gatherer
Collect a total of 2000 Beatpoints
Mad on Health Mad on Health
Destroy 200 containers
Snare Jumper Snare Jumper
Jump through Snarestreams 100 times
In the Rhythm In the Rhythm
Accomplish 20 Rhythm Combo’s
Champion Champion
Defeat 100 Soldiers
Dash Maniac Dash Maniac
Complete the Elite Training in the Camp
Untouchable Untouchable
Defeat the captured Parasites in level 4 without getting hit
Art Collector Art Collector
Unlock all the Extras
Fast Forward Fast Forward
Complete the game in under 3 hours
Beatbuddy Swing Beatbuddy Swing
Complete level 1
Love Swing Love Swing
Complete level 2
Lost In Yesterday Lost In Yesterday
Complete level 3
I'm Your Star I’m Your Star
Complete level 4
Stingin' Swing Stingin’ Swing
Complete level 5
You Are The One You Are The One
Complete level 6