Beatbuddy: On Tour Achievement List

Time to rock the stage! Time to rock the stage!
Get through the tutorial
It's so easy! It’s so easy!
Beat the game on normal difficulty
Party hard! Party hard!
Beat the game on hard difficulty
Super Trouper! Super Trouper!
Beat the game on super hard difficulty
Lucky star! Lucky star!
Get 15 Stars
Highway star! Highway star!
Get 130 Stars
Flaming star! Flaming star!
Get 190 Stars
Out among the stars! Out among the stars!
Get 250 Stars
You are the star! You are the star!
Get All Stars
Bling Bling! Bling Bling!
Collect 100 beatcoins
Shine bright like a diamond! Shine bright like a diamond!
Collect 1000 beatcoins
Hide in your shell! Hide in your shell!
Place 10 pearls in shells
Shell shocked! Shell shocked!
Place 100 pearls in shells
DJ Apprentice! DJ Apprentice!
Mix music in the freetsyle mode for 5 minutes
DJ Master! DJ Master!
Mix music in the freetsyle mode for 20 minutes
Move your body! Move your body!
Make Beatbuddy dance 100 times
Just dance! Just dance!
Make Beatbuddy dance 1000 times
Never gonna let you down! Never gonna let you down!
Fail three levels
The bad touch! The bad touch!
Touch 10 red dancers
You can't touch this! You can’t touch this!
Touch 100 red dancers
Time to mix! Time to mix!
Activate 50 music instruments
Make some noise! Make some noise!
Activate 500 music instruments
Sonic boom! Sonic boom!
Activate 5000 music instruments
Time to freestyle! Time to freestyle!
Unlock 5 music instruments
Time for a concert! Time for a concert!
Unlock 15 music instruments
Orchestral tunes! Orchestral tunes!
Unlock 30 music instruments