Beasts Battle Achievement List

Recruit Recruit
Complete 5 levels in any race.
Captain Captain
Complete 10 levels in any race.
Warlord Warlord
Complete the game in any race.
Rich Rich
Spend 10,000 gold.
Wounded Wounded
Lose the 2000 health.
Killer Killer
Apply 5000 physical damage.
Bloodthirsty Bloodthirsty
Apply 15000 physical damage.
Magician Magician
Apply 2000 magic damage.
Wizard Wizard
Lose 200 mana.
Hero Hero
Complete the game for both races.
Hero Warrior Hero Warrior
Go Ridge Hero of a warrior on Hard difficulty.
Hero Magician Hero Magician
Go Ridge Hero of a mage on Hard difficulty.
Super Star Super Star
Earn all stars.
Friends? Friends?
Try hotseat mode.