BattleTime Achievement List

Scrooge Scrooge
To earn one million coins
Star Trek Star Trek
To earn 800 stars
Professional Professional
To improve skills of 300 times
Master Wizard Master Wizard
Improve skill Armor of Army of 50 times
Master Warrior Master Warrior
Improve skill Power of Army of 50 times
Master Archer Master Archer
Improve skill the Speed of Army of 50 times
Master Druid Master Druid
Improve skill Defense of Buildings of 50 times
Master Necromancer Master Necromancer
Improve skill Power of Towers of 50 times
Master Priest Master Priest
Improve skill the Gain of Troops of 50 times
Talented Talented
To improve super skills of 45 times
Super Wizard Super Wizard
Improve skill Super Armor of 8 times
Super Warrior Super Warrior
Improve skill Super Power of 8 times
Super Archer Super Archer
Improve skill the Super Speed of 8 times
Super Druid Super Druid
Improve skill Super Defence of 8 times
Super Necromancer Super Necromancer
Improve skill of the Super Tower of 8 times
Super Priest Super Priest
Improve skill the Super Gain of 8 times
Slogging Slogging
To finish 400 missions
Beginner Beginner
To finish 64 simple missions
Fighter Fighter
To finish 64 normal missions
Warrior Warrior
To finish 64 expert missions
Berserk Berserk
To finish 64 brutal missions
Cheater Cheater
To finish 64 unreal missions
Ruthless Ruthless
To kill one million enemy soldiers
Judge Dredd Judge Dredd
To kill 400000 normal enemy soldiers
Flash Flash
To kill 100000 fast enemy soldiers
Hulk Hulk
To kill 100000 strong enemy soldiers
Best Defender Best Defender
To kill 200000 enemy soldiers in defense
Best Invader Best Invader
To kill 200000 enemy soldiers at capture
Best Tactician Best Tactician
To kill 200000 enemy soldiers in a crusade
Merciful Merciful
To lose 1048576 soldiers
Militant Militant
To lose 524288 normal soldiers
Marathonman Marathonman
To lose 131072 fast soldiers
Gladiator Gladiator
To lose 131072 strong soldiers
Worst Defender Worst Defender
To lose 262144 soldiers in defense
Worst Invader Worst Invader
To lose 262144 soldiers at capture
Worst Tactician Worst Tactician
To lose 262144 soldiers in a crusade
Monarch Monarch
To capture 6400 buildings
Gentleman Gentleman
To capture 1600 barracks
Knight Knight
To capture 400 castles
Cannoneer Cannoneer
To capture 400 magic towers
Armorer Armorer
To capture 400 buildings of strong soldiers
Cavalryman Cavalryman
To capture 400 buildings of fast soldiers
Leader Leader
To capture 1600 buildings of level 1
Mayor Mayor
To capture 1280 buildings of level 2
Landlord Landlord
To capture 960 buildings of level 3
Governor Governor
To capture 640 buildings of level 4
Prince Prince
To capture 320 buildings of level 5
Disobedient Disobedient
To lose 4200 buildings
Exhausted Exhausted
To lose 1200 barracks
Defenseless Defenseless
To lose 300 castles
Unarmed Unarmed
To lose 300 magic towers
Powerless Powerless
To lose 300 buildings with strong soldiers
Unhurried Unhurried
To lose 300 buildings with fast soldiers
Scratched Scratched
To lose 1200 buildings of level 1
Battered Battered
To lose 960 buildings of level 2
Wounded Wounded
To lose 720 buildings of level 3
Disfigured Disfigured
To lose 480 buildings of level 4
Crushed Crushed
To lose 240 buildings of level 5