Battlepillars Gold Edition Achievement List

Forward March Forward March
Complete the tutorial and beat the first stage
Moving On Up Moving On Up
Purchase your first segment upgrade
Crappy Bird Crappy Bird
Use Larry the Bird for the first time
The General The General
Build your first 7 segment caterpillar
Testing is the Future! Testing is the Future!
Unlock the Test Zone
War Without End War Without End
Unlock Endless Mode
One Big Caterpillar One Big Caterpillar
Defeat Sergeant Flowerpuff in Campaign Mode
Jungle Boogie Jungle Boogie
Defeat Lieutenant Tikki-Tavi in Campaign Mode
Monster Mash Monster Mash
Defeat Frankenpillar in Campaign Mode
Scrap Attack Scrap Attack
Defeat Geraldine the Scrap Queen in Campaign Mode
Technological Warfare Technological Warfare
Defeat General Battlepillar 20X7 in Campaign Mode
Hidden Achievement
General Battlepillar 20X7's Last Stand General Battlepillar 20X7’s Last Stand
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
V-Day V-Day
Complete the single-player campaign
Comeback Bug Comeback Bug
Beat a level after your base has taken damage
Keep your first deployed Battlepillar alive for the duration of a battle
What a Rush! What a Rush!
Beat a level using only single segment caterpillars
One Trick 'Pillar One Trick ‘Pillar
Beat a level using only one type of segment
A Golden Opportunity A Golden Opportunity
Complete your first Gold Challenge
Gold Rush Gold Rush
Complete 10 Gold Challenges
20 Karat 20 Karat
Complete 20 Gold Challenges
Au-some! Au-some!
Complete 30 Gold Challenges
Golden Strategy Golden Strategy
Complete 40 Gold Challenges
Man with the Golden Pun Man with the Golden Pun
Complete 50 Gold Challenges
Complete every Gold Challenge and unlock the Gold skin
WARdrobe WARdrobe
Unlock every skin in the Upgrade store
Fully Loaded Fully Loaded
Fully upgrade your base
Arsenal Arsenal
Unlock all segments in the Upgrade store
Arachnophobe Arachnophobe
Kill 50 spiders
Apple Factory Apple Factory
Earn 5,000 apples
Slaughterpillar Slaughterpillar
Kill 100 enemy caterpillars
Caterpillarcide Caterpillarcide
Kill 1,000 enemy caterpillars
Hidden Achievement
Developillar Developillar
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Hidden Achievement
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Online Warfare Online Warfare
Win your first multiplayer match
Cheater! Cheater!
Use an ally in a multiplayer match
Frienemy Frienemy
Play an invite-only match with a Steam friend
Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg
Win a multiplayer match in under a minute
Rage Quit! Rage Quit!
Make your multiplayer opponent concede defeat
Underbug Underbug
Win a multiplayer match while at a disadvantage
Double Trouble Double Trouble
Defeat 2 bosses within 30 seconds in Endless mode
Robots Never Die Robots Never Die
Defeat General Battlepillar 20X7 in Endless mode
Caterpillionaire Caterpillionaire
Earn 1,000,000 points in Hardcore Endless mode
Unstoppable Unstoppable
Win 3 matches in a row during a single multiplayer session