Bastard Bonds Achievement List

Bastard Buds Bastard Buds
Earn someone’s trust.
No Friend of Mine No Friend of Mine
Let someone down.
The One from Before The One from Before
Restore the proper flow of time.
Swim Toward the Light Swim Toward the Light
Save Captain Logus.
All the Pretty Colours All the Pretty Colours
Complete the Eccentric Smith’s project.
The Final Form? The Final Form?
Ruin a powerful weapon.
The Perfect Body The Perfect Body
Obtain a Devil Adonis.
Thou Art Beholden Thou Art Beholden
Have an audience with a Demon Lord.
Hidden Achievement
The Island Mourns The Island Mourns
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Hidden Achievement
The Island Awakens The Island Awakens
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
The Torch The Torch
Reconnect the estranged couple.
Unlimited Unlimited
Obtain the darkest arcane power.
King Eagle King Eagle
Decide who wins the contest.
Sovereign Star Sovereign Star
Find the acoustic sweet spot.
What She Wanted What She Wanted
Vent about past regrets.
Long Way Down Long Way Down
Rescue a hapless friend.
In Their Cups In Their Cups
Get left out of a game.
Remorse Remorse
Forge the brothers’ emblems together.
Not for Sale Not for Sale
Disrupt a shady business operation.
Please, May I? Please, May I?
Teach a friend some proper manners.
Sleeping Giant Sleeping Giant
Don’t let anybody sleep on the floor.
A Cruel Moon A Cruel Moon
Tear open an old wound.
Not my Kind Not my Kind
Sooth the fears of a monster.
Golden Bond Golden Bond
Attend a friend’s second wedding.
Broken Mirror Broken Mirror
Second-Guess a friend’s history.