Baseball Stars 2 Achievement List

Let's go! Let’s go!
Win a game
Too easy! Too easy!
Win a game by 10 runs
Too bad! Too bad!
Loose a game by 10 runs
Perfect! Perfect!
Win 5 straight games
Invincible! Invincible!
Win 15 straight games
Homerun! Homerun!
Perform 1 homerun
Homerun God Homerun God
Perform 10 homerun
Piece of Cake Piece of Cake
Complete the easy league
Real Player Real Player
Complete the hard league
Rookie Rookie
Win 5 games
Sophomore Sophomore
Win 10 games
Star Star
Win 20 games
Legend Legend
Win 50 games
The Pitcher The Pitcher
Eliminate a AI player playing pitcher
On the Fly On the Fly
Eliminate a AI player with a catch
Striker Striker
In single player mode, eliminate 3 batters playing pitcher
Casual Casual
Complete a game with a friend in easy mode
Give me five Give me five
Complete a game with a friend in hard mode
That's something! That’s something!
Win the Easy league
Rockstar Rockstar
Win the Hard league
In your face In your face
Playing pitcher, hit the batter
Machine Gun Machine Gun
Playing pitcher, hit 10 times the batter
Nothingness Nothingness
End a game with 0 run
Selfish Selfish
Win a game without giving runs to the opponent
Undecided Undecided
Play with all team of the Easy league
Bat'em all Bat’em all
Complete Easy league with each team
Optimisation Optimisation
Play with all team of the Hard league
Diamond God Diamond God
Complete Hard league with each team
Bullet Bullet
In single player mode, perform 5 straight strikes (pitcher)
Rocket Rocket
In single player mode, perform 10 straight strikes (pitcher)