Barony Achievement List

Enter the Dungeon Enter the Dungeon
Descend to level 1 of the dungeon.
Twisty Passages Twisty Passages
Escape the mines.
Jungle Fever Jungle Fever
Escape the swamp.
Sandman Sandman
Escape the sand labyrinth.
Lich Hunter Lich Hunter
Find and defeat Baron Herx in his lair.
Well Read Well Read
Find and read all of the books.
Born Again Born Again
Survive instant death with an amulet of life saving.
King Arthur's Blade King Arthur’s Blade
Find King Arthur’s mystical sword, Dyrnwyn.
Spud Lord Spud Lord
Find the mystical talking mace, Sharur.
Thanks, Mr Skeltal Thanks, Mr Skeltal
Find the mystical axe, Parashu.
Thundergnome Thundergnome
Escape from the Gnomish Mines.
Throw Me The Whip! Throw Me The Whip!
Get crushed by a boulder.
Theseus' Legacy Theseus’ Legacy
Escape from the Minotaur Maze.
Spice of Life Spice of Life
Start at least one game with every class.
Spear of Destiny Spear of Destiny
Find Odin’s legendary spear, Gungnir.
Evil Incarnate Evil Incarnate
Find and defeat the Baphomet.
In Greater Numbers In Greater Numbers
Win the game with at least two players alive.
Penniless Conduct Penniless Conduct
Win the game without collecting any gold.
Foodless Conduct Foodless Conduct
Win the game without eating any food.
Boots of Speed Boots of Speed
Win the game in under 20 minutes.
Puzzle Master Puzzle Master
Unravel the mystery of Sokoban.
Robbing the Cradle Robbing the Cradle
Loot the Haunted Castle and escape with your life.
Tricks and Traps Tricks and Traps
Discover the trap-infested Temple in the swamp.
Filthy Rich Filthy Rich
Obtain 10,000 gold.
Natural Born Leader Natural Born Leader
Convince at least three NPCs to follow you at once.
Professional Burglar Professional Burglar
Kill at least 3 shopkeepers in one game.
Homicidal Maniac Homicidal Maniac
Kill at least 10 humans in a single game.
Vegetarian Conduct Vegetarian Conduct
Win the game without having eaten any tins, meat, or fish.
Illiterate Conduct Illiterate Conduct
Win the game without having read any books, scrolls, or spellbooks.
Not a Team Player Not a Team Player
Kill another player.