Bardbarian Achievement List

Early Bird Early Bird
Complete the “morning” chapter.
Easter Deviled Eggs Easter Deviled Eggs
Something’s cooking on the title screen.
High Noon High Noon
Complete the “noon” chapter.
Good Evening Good Evening
Complete the “evening” chapter.
Nightmare Nightmare
Complete the “night” chapter.
Passive Vanquisher Passive Vanquisher
Send 2500 enemies to their grave.
Lute n' Loot Lute n’ Loot
Loot 100,000 gold from the corpses of your fallen enemies.
Favoritism Favoritism
Upgrade a unit to MAX level.
Adorable Sidekick Adorable Sidekick
You look lonely, have you considered a pet to keep you company?
Go as fast as you possibly can. (Hint: Upgrade + Song)
Survival Instinct Survival Instinct
Last for 3 minutes in survival mode.
360noscopeblazeit 360noscopeblazeit
Complete the entire campaign from start to finish without dying.
Hardbarian Hardbarian
Do all the things! 100% Completion.
Keep it Movin' Keep it Movin’
Don’t get hit!
What you got? What you got?
Play and submit your best time for Survival Mode.
4 headz 4 headz
Unlock the mythical 4th party slot.
Insane in the Membrane Insane in the Membrane
Start a new game in Insane Mode.
3 Mile Run 3 Mile Run
Fact: There are 1609 meters in a mile.
I am Legend I am Legend
Post a score in the Day 2 Insane Mode leaderboard. The most exclusive of all leaderboards.
Unlock War Turtle Unlock War Turtle
Reach 3000m in Escape mode, and he’s yours.
Unlock MeatStack Unlock MeatStack
Appears randomly in Survival mode. May luck be with you.
Unlock Octodad Unlock Octodad
Waltz into Wave 10 and rescue him from that Fire Golem.