Barbara-ian Achievement List

Party Popper Party Popper
Pop 30 floating laser eye beasts
Gob Gobbler Gob Gobbler
Smash 100 scurrying little green freaks
Jell-ignite! Jell-ignite!
Squish 5 wobbling killer minecraft tributes
Magi-mix Magi-mix
Take 100 foul dungeon beasts, add a dash of lime, and blend using a spinny trap. Delicious!
ORKward! ORKward!
Topple 50 huge green stompy losers
Resurrection 1 - First Blood Resurrection 1 – First Blood
Die 10 times, laugh it off
Resurrection 2 - Last blood Resurrection 2 – Last blood
Die 50 times, burst a single blood vessel in your eyeball
Resurrection 3 - 'Tis but a scratch! Resurrection 3 – ‘Tis but a scratch!
Die 100 times, smash everything around you
Resurrection 4 - Mortally Wounded Resurrection 4 – Mortally Wounded
Die 200 times, smash everything around you again
Resurrection 9 - All dead. Resurrection 9 – All dead.
Die 1000 times. There’s definitely no coming back from that. Is there?
Resurrection 10 - Utterly Dead Resurrection 10 – Utterly Dead
Die 2000 times, walk calmly away from the game and resurrect your real life!
Yes, they chop! Yes, they chop!
Get killed by a Spinner trap. Yes, that’s right, they chop…
Stacking it! Stacking it!
Get killed by falling in a hole… an avoidable miss-step