Banzai Escape Achievement List

Breaching Entry Breaching Entry
Succesfull Breached The Top Floor
On The Run On The Run
Betas On The Run Started
Who? Who?
Familiar Face Met
Bad Maintenance Bad Maintenance
Amino Corps AI Destroyed
Agents Agents
All Agents Rescued
Ina Ina
Met Ina
Lobby Defense Lobby Defense
Succesfull Prevent Spectre Advancement
Betas Betas
Met Betas. A Date With Destiny
Dont You Dare! Dont You Dare!
Kill 50 enemies
You Shall Not Live! You Shall Not Live!
Kill 100 enemies
Elite MVP Elite MVP
Kill 500 enemies
Immortal Rokiahi Immortal Rokiahi
Rokiahi Didn’t Die At All
Rokiahi N00b Rokiahi N00b
Rokiahi Dies Alot
Capitalism,Ho! Capitalism,Ho!
Collected 30,000 Money