Badland Bandits Achievement List

Miner Miner
Earn 10K Silver
Miner hunky Miner hunky
Earn 100K Silver
Miner foreman Miner foreman
Earn 250K Silver
Master miner Master miner
Earn 500K Silver
The owner of the mine The owner of the mine
Earn 1000K Silver
Killer - Stage 1 Killer – Stage 1
Accumulate 10 frags
Killer - Stage 2 Killer – Stage 2
Accumulate 50 frags
Killer - Stage 3 Killer – Stage 3
Accumulate 200 frags
Killer - Stage 4 Killer – Stage 4
Accumulate 1000 frags
Killer - Master Killer – Master
Accumulate 5000 frags
Killer - Grand Master Killer – Grand Master
Accumulate 10000 frags
Pyro Pyro
Accumulate 30 “Pyromaniak” in-game achievements
Bad man Bad man
Shoot Off 100 guns
Lucky! Lucky!
Win 500 Gold in Wheel of Fortune
The diver The diver
Drowned 10 times
Submarine Submarine
Drowned 100 times
Harpies Hunter Harpies Hunter
Kill 500 Harpies
Cerberus Reaper Cerberus Reaper
Kill 500 Cerberus
Aspid Reaper Aspid Reaper
Kill 500 Aspids
VIP Person VIP Person
Accumulate 50 “Leader” in-game Achievements
Flag of Victory Flag of Victory
Capture 50 flags
Flag Keeper Flag Keeper
Capture 200 flags
Angry Bear Angry Bear
Accumulate 10 “Rage” in-game achievements
Thorrr Thorrr
Accumulate 100 Kills by ram
Elusive Killer Elusive Killer
Finish 10 battles without death and with at least 4 frags in every battle.
Badland Bandits Expert Badland Bandits Expert
Get 29th level.