Bad Bots Achievement List

Run Amok Run Amok
Destroy 25 Robots with the Axe
Nailed It! Nailed It!
Destroy 50 Robots with the Hammer
Reaper's Friend Reaper’s Friend
Die 50 times
Crispy Crispy
Die from Electrocution
Thor Was Here Thor Was Here
Hammer Acquired
Weapons Hoarder Weapons Hoarder
Acquire All Weapons
Shake It Up Shake It Up
Destroy 200 Robots Using the Pulsar Gun
No Thanks No Thanks
Destroy Dana without using the Hammer
Gold Standard Gold Standard
Golden Rifle Upgrade Acquired
Hardly A Scratch Hardly A Scratch
Defeat Last Boss with more than 20% Health
Top Dog Top Dog
Destroy All Robots in the Final Run with more than 10 sec. left
Hero Hero
Complete the Campaign Mode
Challenge Master Challenge Master
Complete All Three Challenges
Death Dealer Death Dealer
Earn a Total of 100,000 pts. between Rush and Panic Challenges