Backstreets of the Mind Achievement List

Beginner Beginner
1st chapter is passed
Intermediate Intermediate
2nd chapter is passed
Harmony with nature Harmony with nature
You’ve choose the path of harmony with nature
Conqueror of nature Conqueror of nature
You’ve choosed the path of conqueror of nature
Fastfood manager Fastfood manager
You’ve reached 10 stars at fastfood cafe
Seeker Seeker
Used less than 10 hints to complete the Game
Starship Commander Starship Commander
Earned 10’000 score in Starship videogame
Millionaire Millionaire
Became a Millionaire in 30 days
Sniper Sniper
Hit all targets in Submarine videogame
Mini-winner Mini-winner
Won all mini-games
Do-it-yourself Do-it-yourself
Didn’t use hints at scene
Sherlock Sherlock
Didn’t use any hints to complete the Game