Axe, Bow & Staff Achievement List

Three's a Crowd Three’s a Crowd
Finish Level 1-3.
Ratcatcher Ratcatcher
Beat The Giant Rat.
Nice To Meat You Nice To Meat You
Beat The Goblin King.
Bare Bones Bare Bones
Beat Skellington.
Ma-beloved Ma-beloved
Beat Mabel.
Rocking a Hard Place Rocking a Hard Place
Beat The Golem King.
Ghosting Ghosting
Beat The Wraith King.
Winter is Coming Winter is Coming
Beat The Iceworm King.
Az-damned Az-damned
Beat Azdam.
When a Tree Falls When a Tree Falls
Beat The Forest Worm.
1k Run 1k Run
Reach 1,000 yards in Endless Mode.
Procedually Generated Fun Procedually Generated Fun
Reach 5,000 yards in Endless Mode.
Fleet of Foot Fleet of Foot
Finish Level 3-3 without taking the train.
Accessorized Accessorized
Upgrade an accessory.
Three-in-One! Three-in-One!
Finish a three-hero level with keyboard (without AI) and win three stars.
All-Star All-Star
Obtain all stars.
Catch Me If You Can! Catch Me If You Can!
Defeat the thief before he gets away.
Go Turbo Go Turbo
Enter the Turbo Mode 10 times.
Online Racing Champion Online Racing Champion
Win the first place in Racing Mode in an online game.
Gone in 150 Seconds Gone in 150 Seconds
Finish Level 4-4 in 2 minutes 30 seconds.