Avaris 2 Achievement List

First Victory! First Victory!
You won your first battle
First Commander Kill! First Commander Kill!
You killed an enemy commander for the first time
10% Land Recaptured! 10% Land Recaptured!
You recaptured 10% of Avaris territories
30% Land Recaptured! 30% Land Recaptured!
You recaptured 30% of Avaris territories
50% Land Recaptured! 50% Land Recaptured!
You recaptured 50% of Avaris territories
90% Land Recaptured! 90% Land Recaptured!
You recaptured 90% of Avaris territories
First game cleared! First game cleared!
You cleared a game by recapturing all territories
Second game cleared! Second game cleared!
You successfully cleared the game a second time
Third game cleared! Third game cleared!
You successfully cleared the game a third time
Fourth game cleared! Fourth game cleared!
You successfully cleared the game a fourth time
Best Empress Exp. 1000 Best Empress Exp. 1000
You acheieved 1000 Best Empress Exp in one battle
Goddess of Death Goddess of Death
You acheieved 1300 Best Empress Exp in one battle
100,000 Killed! 100,000 Killed!
You killed 100,000 enemy soldiers
200,000 Killed! 200,000 Killed!
You killed 200,000 enemy soldiers
300,000 Killed! 300,000 Killed!
You killed 300,000 enemy soldiers
350,000 Killed! 350,000 Killed!
You killed 350,000 enemy soldiers
No Enemies Left?! No Enemies Left?!
You killed 400,000 enemy soldiers
High Score 20,000 High Score 20,000
You have achieved an honorable score
High Score 30,000 High Score 30,000
You have achieved a very impressive score
High Score 40,000 High Score 40,000
Congratulations on a spectacular score!