Avadon 3: The Warborn Achievement List

Out of the Nest Out of the Nest
Complete the tutorial.
Wayward Son Wayward Son
Report Geert’s fate, good or bad.
The First Meeting The First Meeting
Drive Dheless out of Khemeria.
The Second Meeting The Second Meeting
Find a route to peace with the Wyldrylm rebels.
Corruption Calmed Corruption Calmed
Find the irritant that is expanding The Corruption. Remove it.
The Black Fortress The Black Fortress
Recover from Avadon everything that you need.
Liberating Goldcrag Liberating Goldcrag
Deal with the brutal stalemate in The Kva.
The Third Meeting The Third Meeting
Establish your dominance over the Warborn.
The Kellem Traitor The Kellem Traitor
Recover the great traitor’s invitation.
The Tawon Priest The Tawon Priest
Steal the invitation from the servant of a living god.
The Final Meeting The Final Meeting
Infiltrate. Learn. Escape.
Hand of Avadon Hand of Avadon
Complete Avadon on any difficulty.
Eye of Avadon Eye of Avadon
Complete Avadon on Hard difficulty or higher.
Heart of Avadon Heart of Avadon
Complete Avadon on Torment difficulty.
Loyal to the End Loyal to the End
Restore Redbeard to his rightful place. (Normal difficulty or higher.)
Retirement Plan Retirement Plan
Take the throne. (Normal difficulty or higher.)
Master of the Anvil Master of the Anvil
Augment 20 items.
The Mad Genius The Mad Genius
Have Nicodemus craft six items for you.
Flawless Efficiency Flawless Efficiency
Complete the entire game without ever using a Resurrection scroll. (Normal difficulty or higher.)
I Can Use This? I Can Use This?
Open a secret door.
Sage of Lynaeus Sage of Lynaeus
Read 30 codexes.
You're Making Bad Choices You’re Making Bad Choices
Cement your alliance with the ogres.
The Hard Way The Hard Way
On the Corruption border, fight all six Farlanders at once.
Hands Are Sneaky Hands Are Sneaky
Put on your own magical disguise.
Liberated At Last Liberated At Last
Free the Eternal Prisoner.
Struggle For Peace Struggle For Peace
Bring peace to the Beraza Woods with minimal bloodshed.
Tireless Scholar Tireless Scholar
Bring Avadon knowledge of three libraries.
Needy Underlings Needy Underlings
Win a Hand’s loyalty.
Partnership Over Partnership Over
Kill a dragon. (Hard difficulty or higher.)
Humiliate the Tawon Humiliate the Tawon
Kill a god. Not an old, feeble god. One of the tough ones. (Torment difficulty.)