Automata Empire Achievement List

The Generous The Generous
Build many Taverns
The Sanctimonious The Sanctimonious
Destroy their Taverns
Grand Architect Grand Architect
Build many Walls
The Annihilator The Annihilator
Destroy many buildings
The Beloved The Beloved
Cultivate a large population
The Paragon The Paragon
Save your subjects from certain death
Slayer of the Dead Slayer of the Dead
Combat the undead menace
Savior of the Living Savior of the Living
Seal the tombs for good
Scourge of the Skies Scourge of the Skies
Catapult so many monsters
The Wandering Warlord The Wandering Warlord
Build many Roads
Death from Above Death from Above
Utilize aerial assaults
The Reaper The Reaper
Sacrifice your loyal subjects
Master Strategist Master Strategist
Engineer a mighty empire without building Taverns
The Warmonger The Warmonger
Kill many enemy combatants
Lord of the Flags Lord of the Flags
Capture all three flags in one reign
Kingslayer Kingslayer
Destroy all three castles in one reign
of the Preeminent Domain of the Preeminent Domain
Exclusively occupy all three territories
The Last Monarch The Last Monarch
Witness the end of the migration
The Learned The Learned
Some games have a tutorial for a reason.
Hidden Achievement
Game Developer 10011 Game Developer 10011
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Alliance of the Living Alliance of the Living
Cooperate to eliminate all undead in Migration