Audio Arena Achievement List

In Sync In Sync
Get maximum sync bonus
Complete Sync Complete Sync
Complete the song without ever going out of sync.
Peacefull Peacefull
Complete a level without killing a dot
Strong Finish Strong Finish
Complete a song with maximum beat sync
Perfect x 5 Perfect x 5
Get 5 perfect beat syncs in a row
Killing Spree Killing Spree
Kill 400 dots in 1 song
Make It Last Make It Last
Complete a song using only 10 powerups
Clean Finish Clean Finish
Complete a song with zero dots left alive
Gigantic Dot Gigantic Dot
Kill 1 dot worth 100 points
Big Dot Big Dot
Kill 1 dot worth 15 points
Mega Dot Mega Dot
Kill 1 dot worth 50 points
Big Boom Big Boom
Get 150 points using the bomb
Finish It Finish It
Complete a song
Golden Gun Golden Gun
Get 400 points using 1 Bullet
Minute Man Minute Man
Last longer than a minute
It's Alive It’s Alive
Keep a mine alive for 15 seconds
Seeing Red Seeing Red
Kill 50 Red Dots in a row
Good Combo Good Combo
Get a combo of 100 dots
Great Combo Great Combo
Get a combo of 250 dots
Awesome Combo Awesome Combo
Get a combo of 500 dots
Awesome Aim Awesome Aim
Kill 15 dots using an aimed missile
Mighty Missile Mighty Missile
Kill 15 dots using missiles
Power Shield Power Shield
Kill 10 dots using a shield
Purple Panic Purple Panic
Finish a song killing only purple enemies
Shield Snipe Shield Snipe
Use a shield to kill a dot worth 50 points or more