Atom Zombie Smasher Achievement List

Share and Share Alike Share and Share Alike
Download a mod.
Bookworm Bookworm
Unlock all the vignettes.
Zed Industrial Complex Zed Industrial Complex
Complete the campaign.
Long Arm Long Arm
Accrue 10,000 sniper kills.
Big Dipper Big Dipper
Rescue 40 or more people in one helicopter pickup.
The Operators The Operators
Accrue 10,000 infantry kills.
The Big Stick The Big Stick
Accrue 10,000 artillery kills.
Remote Control Remote Control
Accrue 10,000 landmine kills.
Wrecking Crew Wrecking Crew
Accrue 10,000 dynamite kills.
Llama-rama Llama-rama
Launch 500 Llama Bombs.
Tactical Camelid Tactical Camelid
Cleanse four Zed territories with one Llama Bomb.
Multiplicity Multiplicity
Complete a campaign with the Triplets modifier.
International Killing Machine International Killing Machine
Complete a campaign with the Hardcore and Permadeath modifier.
Long November Long November
Complete a 20,000 point campaign.
The Gold Standard The Gold Standard
Accrue 500 gold medals.
Llamas on Demand Llamas on Demand
Purchase a Llama Bomb.
Champion of the People Champion of the People
Rescue everyone in a mission.
Choplifter Choplifter
Rescue 100 people in a mission.
Rescue Raider Rescue Raider
Rescue 200 people in a mission.
Maximum Overrescue Maximum Overrescue
Rescue 300 people in a mission.
How Fast They Are How Fast They Are
Complete a mission under 30 seconds.
Giant's Drink Giant’s Drink
Destroy a Mega Zed.
Night Owl Night Owl
Survive the night.
The Lucky Ones The Lucky Ones
Rescue 100,000 people.
Hypothesis Now Hypothesis Now
Rescue 10,000 scientists.
The Big Leagues The Big Leagues
Complete a level-3 outbreak mission.
The Worm has Turned The Worm has Turned
Complete a level-4 outbreak mission.
Spring Cleaning Spring Cleaning
Destroy all Zed in a mission.
Snipe Hunt Snipe Hunt
Use snipers to destroy 100 Zed in a mission.
Street Sweeper Street Sweeper
Get 100 infantry kills in a mission.
Bombardier Bombardier
Destroy 50 Zed in one artillery strike.
Powder Keg Powder Keg
Destroy 50 Zed in one dynamite explosion.
Watch Your Step Watch Your Step
Destroy 50 Zed in one landmine explosion.
They Live They Live
Complete a campaign with the Alt. Spawning modifier.
From Above From Above
Get 100 artillery kills in a mission.
Lit Fuse Lit Fuse
Get 100 dynamite kills in a mission.
Hit Somebody Hit Somebody
Get 100 landmine kills in a mission.
The Diplomats The Diplomats
Complete a mission with 3 players.
Ten Thousand Hours Ten Thousand Hours
Have a merc reach Level 5 veterancy.
Dog Days Dog Days
Rescue at least 100 people in July.
KringleJammer KringleJammer
Defeat Wave 7 in the KringleJammer mini-game.