Atari Vault Achievement List

UFO Hunter UFO Hunter
Kill 10 UFOs in a single level of arcade Asteroids without dying.
Brick Slayer Brick Slayer
Clear a full screen in arcade Super Breakout while playing cavity or double.
We Can Rebuild We Can Rebuild
Earn a bonus city in arcade Missile Command after losing all your cities.
Sharp Shooter Sharp Shooter
Take out 10 fleas in a row in arcade Centipede, without letting one reach the ground.
Space Jockey Space Jockey
Earn 800 points in Lunar Lander’s COMMAND MISSION.
Lockout Lockout
Win a game of Pong against the AI without losing a point to it.
Exterminator Exterminator
Take out an entire Millipede with DDT in the arcade version.
We Don't Need No Fortification We Don’t Need No Fortification
Win with no wall left in arcade Warlords.
Stealthy Stealthy
Win Level 2 without slaying a single dragon in Adventure.
Sniper Sniper
Take out the Swirl with your Zorlon Cannon in Yars’ Revenge.
Wanderer Wanderer
Play a game from every category in the List View.
Hare Razing Hare Razing
Get the top score of 99 in Air-Sea Battle’s Shooting Gallery.