Astral Breakers Achievement List

You gotta go fast! You gotta go fast!
Beat the Zodiac on SUPER HARD mode.
Learn the Ropes Learn the Ropes
Watched the Tutorial.
We've only just begun We’ve only just begun
Beat your first game.
Super Scorer Super Scorer
Score more than 30000 on MEDIUM.
Scorer Extraordinaire Scorer Extraordinaire
Score more than 60000 on MEDIUM.
Brilliant Scorer Brilliant Scorer
Score more than 25000 on HARD.
The Score Master The Score Master
Score more than 50000 on HARD.
Three of a kind Three of a kind
Win 3 games in a row.
Perfect Ten Perfect Ten
Win 10 games in a row!
Three Chain Three Chain
Perform a 3 combo.
Four Combo Fiend Four Combo Fiend
Perform a 4 combo or better.
Making your own way to the Stars Making your own way to the Stars
Play with a Custom Zodiac.
Fight through the Cosmos Fight through the Cosmos
Beat all 12 zodiacs.
100 times over 100 times over
Play 100 games.
Supreme Winner Supreme Winner
Win 200 games.