ARMED SEVEN Achievement List

Crushed SPIRIT Crushed SPIRIT
Destroy Heavy Manned Combat Robot SPIRIT on any difficulty mode.
Unexpected Assailant Unexpected Assailant
Defeat Alien Experimental Technology Robot KAIDOCKER on any difficulty mode.
Uplink Dished Out Uplink Dished Out
Destroy the Ticonderoga Class Land Ship VINCENNES on any difficulty mode.
Frontline Force Frontline Force
Destroy Heavy Manned Combat Robot VANGUARD on any difficulty mode.
Siege Master Siege Master
Attack and destroy the Space Fortress MAGINOT on any difficulty mode.
KAISIER Impermanente KAISIER Impermanente
Defeat Heavy Manned Combat Robot LUNAR KAISER on any difficulty mode.
Threat Neutralized Threat Neutralized
Destroy the Unknown Threat ARMED SEVEN on any difficulty mode.
Hard to the Corps Hard to the Corps
Use each weapon at least once on any difficulty mode.
Keeper of the World Order Keeper of the World Order
Destroy 2,500 enemies.
Overdoing Your Duties Overdoing Your Duties
Destroy 5,000 enemies.
Neo Loran Doom Neo Loran Doom
Destroy 12,500 enemies.
Shot 'em up Shot ’em up
Destroy 25,000 enemies.
Decimillimated! Decimillimated!
Destroy 50,000 enemies.
Charge em up! (Level 1) Charge em up! (Level 1)
Use Charge Weapons 100 times.
Charge em up! (Level 2) Charge em up! (Level 2)
Use Charge Weapons 250 times.
Charge em up! (Level 3) Charge em up! (Level 3)
Use Charge Weapons 500 times.
Untouchable Untouchable
Finish up a stage without being damaged on any difficulty mode.
On a Roll On a Roll
Finish two stages in a row without being damaged on any difficulty mode.
Three's a Charm Three’s a Charm
Finish three stages in row without being damaged on any difficulty mode.
Speed Kill Speed Kill
Defeat any stage boss with at least 10 seconds remaining in the timer on any difficulty mode.
Time out a stage boss on any difficulty mode.
Your Surveyor exploded for the first time. Try to avoid this. We don’t have many replacements.
Tactical Overview Tactical Overview
Watch a replay. (Replays are only saved if you avoid using the Continue option!)
Combat Sim Combat Sim
Play and clear any stage in the Stage Select Mode.
Blue Gargoyle Emblem Blue Gargoyle Emblem
Obtain the Blue Gargoyle Emblem.
Blue Griffin Emblem Blue Griffin Emblem
Obtain the Blue Griffin Emblem.
Blue Chimera Emblem Blue Chimera Emblem
Obtain the Blue Chimera Emblem.
Blue Dragon Emblem Blue Dragon Emblem
Obtain the Blue Dragon Emblem.
Copper Gargoyle Emblem Copper Gargoyle Emblem
Obtain the Copper Gargoyle Emblem.
Copper Griffin Emblem Copper Griffin Emblem
Obtain the Copper Griffin Emblem.
Copper Chimera Emblem Copper Chimera Emblem
Obtain the Copper Chimera Emblem.
Copper Dragon Emblem Copper Dragon Emblem
Obtain the Copper Dragon Emblem.
Silver Gargoyle Emblem Silver Gargoyle Emblem
Obtain the Silver Gargoyle Emblem.
Silver Griffin Emblem Silver Griffin Emblem
Obtain the Silver Griffin Emblem.
Silver Chimera Emblem Silver Chimera Emblem
Obtain the Silver Chimera Emblem.
Silver Dragon Emblem Silver Dragon Emblem
Obtain the Silver Dragon Emblem.
Gold Gargoyle Emblem Gold Gargoyle Emblem
Obtain the Gold Gargoyle Emblem.
Gold Griffin Emblem Gold Griffin Emblem
Obtain the Gold Griffin Emblem.
Gold Chimera Emblem Gold Chimera Emblem
Obtain the Gold Chimera Emblem.
Gold Dragon Emblem Gold Dragon Emblem
Obtain the Gold Dragon Emblem.