ARM Planetary Prospectors Achievement List

Start of the Rainbow Start of the Rainbow
Collected 1000 Gold
Iron Will Pays the Bills Iron Will Pays the Bills
Collected 1000 Iron
Battery Making Mineral Battery Making Mineral
Collected 1000 Cobalt
Pottery Classes Pottery Classes
Collected 1000 Clay
Gold In Dem Dar Hills Gold In Dem Dar Hills
Destroyed 100 Gold Debris
Not So Strong Now Iron Not So Strong Now Iron
Destroyed 100 Iron Debris
Death to Batteries Death to Batteries
Destroyed 100 Cobalt Debris
Chip Off the Old Chip Off the Old
Destroyed 100 Clay Debris
Ice Bergs Dead Ahead Ice Bergs Dead Ahead
Destroyed 10 Ice Asteroids
Eat Asteroids For Breakfast Eat Asteroids For Breakfast
Destroyed 10 Rock Asteroids
Aeronautical Explorer Aeronautical Explorer
Traveled for 100000 Distance in one game
One Small Step For One Small Step For
Traveled for 900000 Distance in total
Heavy Heater Meter Heavy Heater Meter
Overheated 10 times
Ice Breaker Ice Breaker
Destroyed 100 Ice Debris
Water Boy Water Boy
Collected 1000 Water
Purgatory Glory Purgatory Glory
Crashed and burned 5 times
Perfect Pre Flight Perfect Pre Flight
Disabled clamps, cables, fuel lines before starting mech
Zoo Breaker Zoo Breaker
Broke out of jail
Prospector Inspector Prospector Inspector
Scanned more 10 Asteroids
Pumping Xenon Fuel Pumping Xenon Fuel
Refueled more than 1000
Logistical Landing Logistical Landing
Perfectly landed 5 times