Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather Achievement List

Energy Drink Energy Drink
Get 100 guaranás.
Urucum and Açaí Urucum and Açaí
Reach 99 lives.
May Tupã Guide Your Joystick May Tupã Guide Your Joystick
Lose one life in any level.
Three is Great Three is Great
Make a combo.
Watch Your Step Watch Your Step
Avoid getting stunned after a high fall using the Agility Stance.
Wiseman’s Spirit Wiseman’s Spirit
Survive the first encounter without losing health.
Chieftain’s Spirit Chieftain’s Spirit
Survive the second encounter without letting any rock hit the ground.
Tupã's Spirit Tupã’s Spirit
Survive the third encounter without using the Defense Ability.
The Song Will Show the Way The Song Will Show the Way
Use the Search Ability to find a secret area.
Run! Run!
Win the Forest battle against Mapinguari.
Climb! Climb!
Win the Cave battle against Mapinguari.
Jump! Jump!
Win the Mountain battle against Mapinguari.
Weird Symbols Weird Symbols
Find 3 combos throughout the game.
It's Easier It’s Easier
Make a combo using the Strenght Boost.
It's Faster It’s Faster
Jump a great distance using the Agility Boost.
Not This One! Not This One!
Lose one health point trying to attack a Red Spirit.
Vengeance Vengeance
Dodge a Red Spirit and make him fall into the abyss.
The Harpy’s Flight The Harpy’s Flight
Stay in the air for one minute without hitting the ground.
Balance of Nature Balance of Nature
Make 3 different combos without hitting the ground.
The Men Eater The Men Eater
Lose 3 lifes against Mapinguari in any encounter.
Can’t You Swim? Can’t You Swim?
Fall 3 times into the water during the same level.
Anhum’s Gift Anhum’s Gift
Make 100% of the game and see the extended ending.
It’s a Muiraquitã! It’s a Muiraquitã!
Get one Muiraquitã.
Amulet’s Protection Amulet’s Protection
Get fifteen Muiraquitãs.
Gotta Catch ‘em All Gotta Catch ‘em All
Get thirty Muiraquitãs.
The Muiraquitãs Collector The Muiraquitãs Collector
Get all Muiraquitãs.
The Forest Amulets The Forest Amulets
Get all the Forest Muiraquitãs.
The Cave Amulets The Cave Amulets
Get all the Cave Muiraquitãs.
The Mountain Amulets The Mountain Amulets
Get all the Mountain Muiraquitãs.
The Offering Ritual The Offering Ritual
Offer five Muiraquitãs at the end of any level.
Ritualist Wiseman Ritualist Wiseman
Complete all the bonus stages.
Brave Chieftain Brave Chieftain
Find all combos.
Healthy Healthy
Collect 2 Medicial Plants to increase your health.
Only Cats Can Get 7 Lives Only Cats Can Get 7 Lives
Reach maximum health.
Gerônimoooo Gerônimoooo
Bring down a tree.
Old Habits Die Hard Old Habits Die Hard
Try to knock out a Spirit jumping over its head.
Back From The Grave Back From The Grave
Get hit by a Spirit right after it’s respawn.