Arclight Cascade Achievement List

Enter the Cascade Enter the Cascade
Start the Game
The Arcade Dream The Arcade Dream
Hear every Shirobon track in the game
Robot Language Robot Language
Hear every Meganeko track in the game
Arclight Recruit Arclight Recruit
Destroy 200 Glassian Drones
Arclight Lieutenant Arclight Lieutenant
Destroy 1000 Glassian Drones
Arclight Commander Arclight Commander
Destroy 3000 Glassian Drones
Arclight Brigadier Arclight Brigadier
Destroy 5000 Glassian Drones
Hidden Achievement
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Eat Me Eat Me
Collect the Grow Powerup
I know Kung-fu I know Kung-fu
Collect the Slowdown Powerup
You know the music, Time to Dance. You know the music, Time to Dance.
Play 5 games using the Replay Function
Final Round! Final Round!
In a multiplayer game, have every player be 1 round away from winning
Domination Domination
In a multiplayer game with at least 6 drones, have them all be one color
The Reaper The Reaper
Hit at least 4 enemies with one swing
Nil Point Nil Point
Finish a game with one player having no round victories
Play a fencing game with 2 players
My Precious My Precious
Collect a flag when you already have another flag
All power to Main Deflector Dish All power to Main Deflector Dish
Collect the Shield Powerup
The Original Release The Original Release
Play the game on the 25th of August 1985
Glassian Exterminator Glassian Exterminator
Defeat the first boss of Survival mode
Glassian Dodger Glassian Dodger
Defeat the second boss of Survival mode
Conquering Hero Conquering Hero
Finish Survival mode