AquaNimble Achievement List

I like your new ride I like your new ride
Unlock a Vessel
That's Quite a Showcase That’s Quite a Showcase
Unlock all vessels
Death Becomes You Death Becomes You
Die 100 times
Underwater Ace Underwater Ace
Get to rank 20
That seems like 6 levels That seems like 6 levels
Kill 2,000 enemies
Do you even feel pity? Do you even feel pity?
Kill 10,000 enemies
Or remorse? Or remorse?
Kill 100,000 enemies
Satasfied customers Satasfied customers
Kill 1 million enemies
Beat one! Beat one!
You beat a level
Pacific Plundered Pacific Plundered
Beat the Pacific campaign
Alas Atlantic, I knew ye well Alas Atlantic, I knew ye well
Beat the Atlantic campaign
Arctic sure was cold Arctic sure was cold
Beat the Arctic campaign
Shower survived Shower survived
Beat a daily campaign
Its like taking a shower Its like taking a shower
Play a daily campaign
Was there an ending? Was there an ending?
Beat a forever abyss campaign
The beginning of forever The beginning of forever
Play a forever abyss campaign
Three squares Three squares
Beat 3 campaigns
Its no longer a secret Its no longer a secret
Use 10 giga charge shots in a single level
1982 technology 1982 technology
Get hit by 100 projectiles without taking damage
Someone asked for it Someone asked for it
Kill 20 flesharks
Cat Mode Activated Cat Mode Activated
Unlock cat mode
You don't shoot with fists anyway You don’t shoot with fists anyway
Beat a level in pacafist
Because its thermite Because its thermite
Light 1,000 enemies on fire
Fuel Collector Fuel Collector
Collect all fuel cans in a bonus stage
The night has no more stars The night has no more stars
Collect 1 million stars
Under the moonlit night Under the moonlit night
Collect 50,000 stars
Your gun is stronger Your gun is stronger
Defeat Ventronaship
You're one ugly mugger flagger You’re one ugly mugger flagger
Defeat the second giant boss
Who blinked first? Who blinked first?
Defeat Crustaculous
Its blind now... and dead Its blind now… and dead
Defeat Eyeceratops
Tridemodan is dead Tridemodan is dead
Defeat Tridemodan
Short Chain Short Chain
Get a chain of 100 or more
Medium Chain Medium Chain
Get a chain of 500 or more
Long Chain Long Chain
Get a chain of 750 or more
We're gonna need more chain We’re gonna need more chain
Get a chain of 1,000 or more
Fit as a flounder Fit as a flounder
Get healed 100 points of health
Tragon Trasher Tragon Trasher
Defeat 10 tragons
Dragon Destroyer Dragon Destroyer
Destroy 50 dragons
Shark Survivor Shark Survivor
Make it through any level’s shark section without taking damage
The world needed laughter The world needed laughter
Destroy 20 cup creame clown cars
Living Nightmare Living Nightmare
Complete a campaign on nightmare difficulty
Everything Explodes Everything Explodes
Use 50 specials
Unbeatable Unbeatable
Complete a level without dying
For a Rainy Day For a Rainy Day
Have 5+ bombs
Get a Life Get a Life
Get an extra life from points
Complete any campaign without using a continue in arcade mode (1CC)
Finish the instructions
Love the Skin You're In Love the Skin You’re In
Complete any level using a different skin
S3 x 10 S3 x 10
Destroy 10 Spinning Shooter Skulls
Dedicated x2 Dedicated x2
Amass 1 million XP
Dedicated x3 Dedicated x3
Amass 2 million XP
Dedicated x4 Dedicated x4
Amass 5 million XP
Dedicated x1 Dedicated x1
Amass 100,000 XP