Aqua Moto Racing Utopia Achievement List

Hidden Achievement
Completionist Completionist
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Aqua Moto Racing License Aqua Moto Racing License
Complete the Tutorial
Beginner's Luck Beginner’s Luck
Win an event in a Championship
The complete set The complete set
Own every watercraft
Runabout Master Runabout Master
Win every Runabout Championship
Ski Master Ski Master
Win every Ski Championship
Time Crusher Time Crusher
Win gold medals in Time Trial mode on every Track
Score Crusher Score Crusher
Win the gold medal in all Freestyle events
Flawless Race Flawless Race
You must pass each buoy perfectly in a Championship race
Leader Leader
In a Championship race, pass every buoy in 1st place and win
Big Jump Big Jump
Jump over 40m
Show Off! Show Off!
Perform every stunt at least once in a race
Air Show Air Show
Perform every air stunt at least once in a Freestyle Event
Water Show Water Show
Perform every water stunt at least once in a Freestyle Event
Stunt Master Stunt Master
Perform 20 stunts during a Freestyle Event
Heavy Backflip Heavy Backflip
Perform a Backflip with a Runabout watercraft
Find the ball of straw Find the ball of straw
Find the ball of straw at each Venue